Railways of Slovak Republic

  • deliveries of outpatient and assembled insulated contacts Tenconi
  • overhauls of ASP and ASPV tamping units and other earth-moving machines for track surface treatment
  • spare parts production
  • hammers
  • assembly of insulated joints Benkler - Tenconi shape R65, S49, UIC 60
  • jacking hammers for jacking boxes of railway automatic machine jacks
  • overhauls of tamping boxes and lifting equipment of railway automatic machine tampers
  • production of spare parts for machinery intended for maintenance of track superstructure

Dekona s.r.o. Zvolen

  • clamping fixtures for welding and machining
  • mounting jigs
  • control preparations
  • gauges and calipers
  • single - purpose machines and equipment
  • parts of production lines

Migatronic - Dánsko

  • parts of automated workplaces

Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad

  • production of special tools (cutting and forming tools)
  • assembly
  • constitutive
  • straightening
  • welding and hydraulic jigs

Railway constructions a.s. Košice

  • GO machinery and equipment
  • spare parts production
  • hammers

Treva s.r.o. Prakovce

  • supply of forming tools for the production of forgings (dies and cuts)

KMS Automation - Nemecko

  • manufacture of machine parts

Volkswagen Slovakia a.s. Bratislava

  • pedestals for robots
  • parts of preparations

Trnavská stavebná spoločnosť a.s. Trnava

  • outpatient isolated contacts Tenconi
  • hammers
  • spare parts for machines

Spinea s.r.o. Prešov

  • clamping and mounting jigs